A New Series

Dealing with Dad. Caretaking of Dad after Mom has passed. In this blog series, I attempt to capture our journey after Mom has passed. Mom was born May 1, 1944, and passed away (said goodbye to earth as said in Khmer) on April 10, 2023. Often, Dad had prayed that God would not take Mom…… Continue reading A New Series



Dad tells me he longed to know eternal things since childhood. Often his heart and mind were unsettled with constant questions. After tending to his farming duties, he’d sit out in the fields in the hot afternoon. His eyes scoped the scenery around him, he was fascinated with nature and creation. Small in frame and…… Continue reading Bookworm

Self-Compassion As a Parent

This is a google search title that I have been using… I have decided that for me… I am going to apply a few journal prompts I found at this link: https://betterhumans.pub/a-step-by-step-guide-to-help-parents-develop-self-compassion-e3e1c00d1a9c?gi=be3a9d249c8e I remember listening to Kristen Neff and hearing that she had a special needs child and in order for her to take care…… Continue reading Self-Compassion As a Parent

Feels Like We’re Moving Towards Wholeness

Parenting. Oh, parenting. Parenting. I have found myself many-a-days overwhelmed by parenting. In what areas? All of it… I think some reality a person who enters the role of parent is faced with…is a version of themselves that they really don’t like, or that they feel sorry for themselves in tremendous ways. It can be…… Continue reading Feels Like We’re Moving Towards Wholeness

Today’s Post of “Processing in Parenting”

One thing is true: you can never stop learning and growing. I tell my children if you stop learning and growing: you’re dead… morbid, I know!… but what I mean to say is each day holds opportunities where we learn and make mistakes, or succeed…it’s just life. We have breath in our lungs, we move,…… Continue reading Today’s Post of “Processing in Parenting”

Dear Pandemic, March 2022

Dear Pandemic, I see. I am seeing. Daily thoughts, emotions, and experiences can be too much for one person, for me…but I have learned to stop and slow down. I saw many people in this season stay out of touch with self and society all the while being busy as usual or “unphased by COVID”.…… Continue reading Dear Pandemic, March 2022

The Precious Things They Say (Plus A Recipe)

The beginning of this post is to share of utter doom and failure. Okay, it isn’t the end of the world but I have a confession: I lied and broke trust with my kids. No, it’s not about the tooth fairy or Santa (although, the 7 year old is still a believer). However, it is…… Continue reading The Precious Things They Say (Plus A Recipe)

This Mother’s Prayer

I read somewhere on social media saying that mothers who are young write about parenting techniques and mothers who have grown children write books on prayer. This got me thinking that I don’t have any tried and true techniques myself, as a mother of five…all I know is I try to build fellowship and connection…… Continue reading This Mother’s Prayer