When Motherhood is Overwhelming

I am only ten years into this journey but with five children… I have to be honest and real…. I’ve never been so sad and stressed! Parenting. Highest highs… Lowest lows… I am told that this is the beginning and it only gets harder. I believe it. I also believe the moments can and will…… Continue reading When Motherhood is Overwhelming

Counsel My Heart

Oh Lord, I’m overwhelmed. Meet me here. Oh Lord, I am sad. Meet me here. Why are hearts so hard? So… heavy? So… heinous? Spinning and swirling through thoughts like thorn They prick and pick at me… I feel as though my heart is bleeding. People fighting… people lying… people emboldens to pursue possessions and…… Continue reading Counsel My Heart

And on the 3rd Day, Black History Month continues

Today we’re celebrating three fantastic, incredible women: Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson. https://www.popularmechanics.com/space/rockets/a24429/hidden-figures-real-story-nasa-women-computers/#:~:text=Adapted%20from%20Margot%20Lee%20Shetterly's,part%20of%20NASA's%20team%20of It is fascinating to see those who are gifted in the areas of science and mathematics and engineering! The ability to process and see problems, figures, designs… I imagine the brain just sees the world and you work and process…… Continue reading And on the 3rd Day, Black History Month continues

Get Rid of All Bitterness

My themes as of late are in response to such trying times and growing opportunities in close relationships in this year. Photo by Magne on Unsplash 2020 is not magical or powerful in the number but rather this year introduce many experiences that one has to navigate through. My personal day to day whether pandemic…… Continue reading Get Rid of All Bitterness

Teach Them How to Forgive

It was years ago, yet so vivid in my memory. I was a fresh new mama of one incredibly adorable toddler and a second child on the way. We frequented the library for their story hour on a Wednesday morning at that precious 10-10:30 range before children became exhausted and ready for naptime. We lingered…… Continue reading Teach Them How to Forgive

Don’t Lose Your Heart, Mommy

My friends…they are encouraging and have such wise counsel. Parenting is not beautiful and glorious ALL the time. For us to see beauty we must also see beauty lives among heartache and pain. I believe that I’m only in the early years of parenting and I’m told that by friends and family they wish they…… Continue reading Don’t Lose Your Heart, Mommy

Parenting the Passionate

Today’s moods were all over with my children. Five little precious humans to teach, train, connect and so on, I’m spent! However, my parenting journey is just beginning. You see, my oldest is only nine years and my youngest turned a year on the 8th of November. I am far from done though my energy…… Continue reading Parenting the Passionate

Weighing in on the Weights of this World

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash The world around us is still intact yet many lives are devastated with the realities of brokenness. We live here on this earth in a “morally broken pain machine” as Dr. Bill Giovanetti calls it. Truth. We are living amidst storms and rollercoasters… some we’ve knowingly went along for…… Continue reading Weighing in on the Weights of this World