This Season of Motherhood

If you’re wondering what life is like for someone to raise five children… you’ve come to the right place. Photo by lan deng on Unsplash *Confession: when I first found out I was pregnant with our fifth, I googled “having five children…” I just wanted to know “How are people doing it?!” Today, I will…… Continue reading This Season of Motherhood

I Was That Mom

Today for a fun Wednesday, I decided to introduce my children to a new series on Disney+ and learned a lot too late: I scared my kids! They went on before falling asleep that they felt scared… the rocking chair rocking by itself was really spooky. *insert confusion… * or **insert laughter** you choose… but…… Continue reading I Was That Mom

Putting in the Steps

I’m doing something new! I’ve hit four days of walking 2+ miles a day with my friend! We’ve seem to become more and more tired. It has been a good feeling and a good new habit…our muscles are aching and tightening, we’re adding a little more each day… we went with a simple 2 miles…… Continue reading Putting in the Steps

How Do You Do?

Charisma and character. How do you choose who to follow? I’m talking about when you meet someone new face to face or when you come across someone on social media. Would you say charisma wins you over or character? So when you’re looking at a new “leader” do you follow someone who has great charisma…… Continue reading How Do You Do?

Mama-Bear Mode

**WARNING: this is a political post (Kind of) Today, I gave into temptation… and it got me so upset and I had to do something! Here I am.. It’s not what you think… unless what you think is about what I discovered is happening in my county (and city). Photo from Patryk S on…… Continue reading Mama-Bear Mode

Bring Me to Praise

ReflectionInspection of the mind, heart, and soulSetting a directionGiving forth affectionMore than moving towards a goalIt’s intentionIt’s growthReflect then inspect then move forward with intentGrow in maturityPut away immaturity and impurityGo forth in wisdom and understanding-Sudea, April 2nd, 2021 Exercise Time! I do enjoy a look-back… a good pondering… I look back at these last…… Continue reading Bring Me to Praise