A New Me

I’m realizing I’ve gone through the grief process and am going through it. Depending on the day, I’ll be grieving loss. I wish I could share it all and share it openly. I’d like to share that I have mourned the person I once was: hurried, “mentally gone” at time though physically present. This COVID…… Continue reading A New Me

Life Water

I love seeing my girls run through sprinklers yesterday at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s. Their cute faces and smiles and sheer joy running beneath the arc of the water and the rainbow glistening in the water. Photo by Jordan Hopkins on Unsplash In the water, they are their truest selves, laying in puddles now sprinkled with…… Continue reading Life Water

Do You Feel It, Too?

What a season we are in, this COVID-19. Shelter in Place. Barely any space. We want to run but are supposed to sit still. We turn up the noise when God says “Hush, let’s get real…” We say “Don’t touch the band-aid”, he says “Let me clean out this wound.” We wriggle and writhe, throw…… Continue reading Do You Feel It, Too?

A Miracle In the Drought

I remember it happened when we were driving back from Oregon long before I was married. It could have been a partly cloudy day. On that drive, it was just Mom, Dad and me. Mom reminisced on her childhood telling me of an incredible story, I countered sharply, “Are you lying to me?!” Mom replied,…… Continue reading A Miracle In the Drought