When Your World is on Pause

What a time! 2020 and 2021 has for many been tough! I was scrolling through the ever changing terrain that is known as “Social Media”and saw the “life as normal” posts with locations visited along with friends gathering like normal… “There’s no virus going on…” the narrative began. My heart sank. I was sad and…… Continue reading When Your World is on Pause

Thankful for the Year 2020

I can’t believe we are in the 13th month of 2020! Just kidding! It is indeed the year 2021. I have to mentally switch from seeing and writing and thinking 2020 into 2021. Photo by Moritz KnΓΆringer on Unsplash What a year 2020 was for the globe. I am sure the impacts of pandemic on…… Continue reading Thankful for the Year 2020