When Motherhood is Overwhelming

I am only ten years into this journey but with five children… I have to be honest and real…. I’ve never been so sad and stressed! Parenting. Highest highs… Lowest lows… I am told that this is the beginning and it only gets harder. I believe it. I also believe the moments can and will…… Continue reading When Motherhood is Overwhelming

Seasons of Motherhood, New-To-Homeschooling Edition

Hello mamas! I have something fun to celebrate… part of me wishes it was a new baby! Nope, it’s something different: I am going to be a mom for a decade in August! *Cheers! *Bust out the glass of champagne! *Just kidding… or am I? Photo by Jenna Norman on Unsplash I will have gone…… Continue reading Seasons of Motherhood, New-To-Homeschooling Edition

Day 4 of Mindfulness in March

Friends, we’re looking at the one year anniversary this month of COVID-19 pandemic! With COVID-19, the world and the leaders scurried in real time to set up precautions, cautions, and the world went “on pause.” The majority of the world considered what we could do for others, especially the vulnerable to stop the spread. I…… Continue reading Day 4 of Mindfulness in March

Day 2, March and Mindfulness

https://anchor.fm/sudea/episodes/Day-2-of-March-and-Mindfulness-es5qvv Listen on Anchor.fm: https://anchor.fm/sudea/episodes/Day-2-of-March-and-Mindfulness-es5qvv I have a thing… I have a thing for journals and paper and notepad and pens! I have this thing… where I find it almost a necessity to keep paper and pen around so I can jot… I need to jot everyday… or type… or copy and paste. I have…… Continue reading Day 2, March and Mindfulness

Day 1, March and Mindfulness

Whenever we address issues like alcohol or abuse or ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences aka Trauma), we think of mental health. We are people made of mind, body and soul. Our inner being longs to be whole and healthy but we are unfortunately in a broken world where on this side of eternity we are going…… Continue reading Day 1, March and Mindfulness

Day 12 of Black History Month in America

Hello friends! I have a much lighter note for today’s celebration of Black History Month! (*I originally thought that I only had 9 days done and this was 10th post… either way.. enjoy *smile*) As I reflect on my parents’ survival through the Khmer Rouge and the Regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia, I am…… Continue reading Day 12 of Black History Month in America

Day 9 of Black History Month

Mission, strength, and hope…it’s what we are activating when our family studies black history. Looked upon with disdain With our thoughts and actions our neighbor is slain Offer hope and help others up We can share our portion, let’s pour from our cup Cover shame Rebuke hate Lift up others We owe others love, we…… Continue reading Day 9 of Black History Month