Growing Up and Raising Children

I think many things about parenting shake me up (because it’s a wild ride!!)…but one that shakes me up the most is that while I am raising children, I myself am learning and growing up as well. To think I get the opportunity to raise children each day… but I myself must learn to grow…… Continue reading Growing Up and Raising Children

For the Little Girl in You (or The Girl Your Life)

Mommas, this is a great book for your library. If you are a grandmother or an auntie or a friend who knows someone who has daughter, this book is adorable and full of truths to help your tween center on a proper and healthy view of God, the Father and how he sees his daughters.…… Continue reading For the Little Girl in You (or The Girl Your Life)

Having Eyes to See

In an evening thread of messages, my friends and I started talking about our weight gain, “the COVID-19” likening it to the Freshman 15 (that people talk about when starting the first year in college). We sent messages back and forth and eventually it led to one friend saying how ‘if only we could see…… Continue reading Having Eyes to See