When Your World is on Pause

What a time! 2020 and 2021 has for many been tough! I was scrolling through the ever changing terrain that is known as “Social Media”and saw the “life as normal” posts with locations visited along with friends gathering like normal… “There’s no virus going on…” the narrative began. My heart sank. I was sad and…… Continue reading When Your World is on Pause

Don’t Lose Your Heart, Mommy

My friends…they are encouraging and have such wise counsel. Parenting is not beautiful and glorious ALL the time. For us to see beauty we must also see beauty lives among heartache and pain. I believe that I’m only in the early years of parenting and I’m told that by friends and family they wish they…… Continue reading Don’t Lose Your Heart, Mommy

For the Little Girl in You (or The Girl Your Life)

Mommas, this is a great book for your library. If you are a grandmother or an auntie or a friend who knows someone who has daughter, this book is adorable and full of truths to help your tween center on a proper and healthy view of God, the Father and how he sees his daughters.…… Continue reading For the Little Girl in You (or The Girl Your Life)

Forgiveness Friday

No better day than today to consider who needs to be forgiven or perhaps consider what you need to forgive of yourself. What do I mean by that? Relationships take work from our heart, mind, and body! Parents love and serve and go above and beyond. Disrepair will happen: it’s human nature. Trust broken mean…… Continue reading Forgiveness Friday