Feels Like We’re Moving Towards Wholeness


Oh, parenting.


I have found myself many-a-days overwhelmed by parenting.

In what areas?

All of it…

I think some reality a person who enters the role of parent is faced with…is a version of themselves that they really don’t like, or that they feel sorry for themselves in tremendous ways. It can be a bummer…

Personally, I mourn the “me” that had many ideas of the “perfect or good parent” coupled with sprinkles of ambitious goals & toxic positivity. Now that I am in the thick of nurturing, training, loving, and teaching our 2, 4, 7, 9, and 11 year old kiddos…I am cutting strings tethered to image-based parenting and immaturity. It hurts.

Parenting my children will not be about how it makes me looks nor how it makes them look rather it will be about who we are becoming…

I am learning that I have a lot of learning and growing up to do while parenting but I am glad for each day forward as I can more towards a goal of wholeness. I am becoming more aware of who I am, what I feel, why I feel them with each situation each child brings to me in each hour of each day…I am processing. I don’t always get it right–but let me tell ya: I love it when I do!! I get to be aware of my whole self so I can be a healthy “me” so I can be a healthy mom. I am thinking of ways I am becoming connected to who I am, am becoming and made to be…so I can be a light-bearer and salt-sharer. I pray my children, my husband, and I become better people so that the world may know hope!

A few things I commit to today as parent is to:

**care well for myself-I can become self-compassionate and self-aware

**care well for my kids–teach them to do the same: have some compassion for self and be aware…Q: What is going on…what’s happening in and around you? To know thyself…so to speak.

**teach my children to care well for themselves and for others (this includes their siblings and strangers alike)–all people deserve love and care, start with you so you can be available for others…in turn they can have a sense of understanding and permission to move towards maturity and goodness

**care well for my husband–he’s my partner and teammate, I am so grateful for this forever friend and father to our children. He’s my #1. If he’s given the awareness and attention, I believe I remain consistent to myself first and model for the children healthy adult friendship and marriage

These are my goals at this time of processing. How has your life changed since you’ve become a parent? What surprised you? What do you love about being a parent?


By MamaDea

Life can be full of hope and abundance; I am certain we can find it because the life we want and desire: Jesus came to give us life and we can have it abundantly! A little about me: I am a wife, first. Next, I am a mama to five children; my husband and I have four daughters and son! I love to connect and talk about things of God and look for beauty in life.

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