Day 4 of Mindfulness in March

Friends, we’re looking at the one year anniversary this month of COVID-19 pandemic! With COVID-19, the world and the leaders scurried in real time to set up precautions, cautions, and the world went “on pause.” The majority of the world considered what we could do for others, especially the vulnerable to stop the spread.

I don’t know how you all are doing but I know that 2020 was rough for every single human being: to have abrupt changes and a looming virus. For me, I went from four to five kids (end of 2019) then distance learning with two kids in school and parenting the five; all the while, trying to work from home for a period. We had to make more changes… my family decided to home-educate for the next couple of years and I resigned from my position and my husband was let go from his job… YET I felt a sense of sabbatical or a breather, and a reset for my family and I.

Friends, if you have been alive for any amount of time, you can see that we all have our ups and downs. Life can feel like we are wet clothes in a tumble on the wash cycle. Life isn’t easy and that’s ok… not until we rest in Heaven and all creation is restored, we are going to experience discouragement and lack of hope… but we are not to be a people or person without hope.

I am still processing what COVID did and is doing…

  1. I am reminded that I am not God. I am human.
  2. I am not in control, but I know the one who controls the world.
  3. I am to rise up with hope and healing.
  4. I can trust God in all areas of my life.
  5. I am equally a “feeler and thinker type.


Here are some of my journaling prompts:

  1. What choices did we make and why…(family continuing normalcy, or family social distancing)?
  2. What were my losses in 2020 due to COVID, innovation, working from home, limiting social interactions and so on?
  3. What did I gain from COVID “shutdowns”?
  4. From what “normal” things am I stepping back?
  5. What “normal” things do I want?
  6. Where am I developing bitterness, on-going frustration?
  7. Where am I having “new eyes” to see better?
  8. How do I want next month to look? *moods, activity, creativity, relationships, contact/connections
  9. How do I stay connected in an “ultra connected world?” Think of three friends to build friends via text, phone calls, emails and mailing if you are social distancing.
  10. Process friends you are not staying connecting with: mourn loss and acknowledge areas co-depency and unhealth.
  11. Who has been good to me and how am I being good to him/her?
  12. How have I been taking care of myself?
  13. What will I continue and cultivate?
  14. What will I need to cut and edit in my life?
  15. What boundaries am I creating, have created and keeping up?

Update on our life situation: I’m happy to report all works out: my husband is the sole provider! He went from temp and part-time work to full-time temp then permanent and full-time… super cool. He has a great position with a local organization. I am using my teaching degree! I find great joy being with my children. I love my husband and children with all my heart and am so thankful for them.


By MamaDea

Life can be full of hope and abundance; I am certain we can find it because the life we want and desire: Jesus came to give us life and we can have it abundantly! A little about me: I am a wife, first. Next, I am a mama to five children; my husband and I have four daughters and son! I love to connect and talk about things of God and look for beauty in life.

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