Day 3: March and Mindfulness

Let’s start off with feeling the feels…

How are you doing?

I am worn… I’m tired. I feel my outsides wasting away, I’m not in my 20’s anymore and I have had five babies! I am alright though…

A day in my life can look like this: a tired mama, her black hair now sprinkled with gray hairs around her ears… she carries her 3 year old for but a moment for that snuggle then baby boy pulls at her leg. “Mama” he utters. She bends down to scoop up that precious boy. Now she’s juggling the 3 year old on the left and her 1 year old on the right. After a few deep breaths, she has the mental accordion checklist flipping in her brain. She gathers the 6 year old and trying to discipline the 7 year old and gets the attention of the 9 year old for home-school. Breakfast-check. Teaching time-on it. Think about snack next… I think there’s something in the pantry or refrigerator… It’s ongoing, friends!


I get a shower most days, but I am a bit jumbled. For the most part, I have enough. I tell myself that I am enough. In Christ, I am enough. God said to Paul in the book of Corinthians that his grace is sufficient… it was sufficient for the Apostle who was beaten, bitten, and bruised for the sake of sharing of a Loving Savior who showed him he came for those thinking they can “credential” their way to salvation, or work their way… Christ Jesus, the man and the savior, showed that he is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6) and if we take his yoke…his burden is light. No need for this false sense of perfectionism or performance–God sent Jesus as the advocate, savior, fulfillment.

How is your burden?

What is your burden? What are your burdens? What do you have in your backpack or your purse?

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Today’s mindfulness practice is connecting with how your last three days have been. What are your mood words and color images… Are you feeling light, carefree, colorful and bright yellows and greens and pinks…


Red alert, swirling darkness and feeling overwhelmed, angry, irritable? (pick words and colors that make sense to you, this is for your soul care)

I have been through the spectrum listed above as a wife and mom of five children and working through grief as I watch my aging dad feel his tired body. He’s turning 80 in September, Lord willing, but he went from walking freely to walking with a cane this 2020 and then a walker and he’s now asking for a walker.

so… what are you feeling, friends?

How can I be encouraging you? If you want prayer–drop me a comment. I’ll keep you in prayer.

Take sometime to care for you as you care for others… know your moods and feelings and what you’re tethering to your feelings and how you’re framing your relationships.

Take some to meditate on these songs:

Tasha Cobbs Leonard with You Know My Name:

Tenth Avenue North with Worn:


By MamaDea

Life can be full of hope and abundance; I am certain we can find it because the life we want and desire: Jesus came to give us life and we can have it abundantly! A little about me: I am a wife, first. Next, I am a mama to five children; my husband and I have four daughters and son! I love to connect and talk about things of God and look for beauty in life.

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