Upholding Relationships

Today, I was challenged more than I would have liked and more than I would like to admit.

I found myself with the mean ugly face and if it weren’t for the need to run by the school to pick up my preschooler’s certificate: I don’t know if I could have chosen to have a reset personally.

I think today about the importance of upholding our cherished relationships. Mine are my relationship with my Heavenly Father, God and next relationship is with my husband and following that: with my kids.

I noticed I had broken fellowship a bit with my husband and with my children. I had to say sorry. It was not easy! It was honestly not fun--I don’t like messing up and making mistakes but I am human!

My practices for restoring breaks in relationships: saying sorry and turning away from the wrong action. I also go back and have a little talk and acknowledge what I was feeling and why.

Recently, after listening to “Daring Greatly,” by Brene Brown, I talked to my children that I don’t mean to make them feel shame: hide and run away, but I teach them something or tell them something yet I’m still learning, too, so what I say and how I say it may come off wrong. My children are so gracious and so is my husband.

How about you? How are your relationships going this week? What is one step you can take to restore a relationship?

My hope is as you read through this post that you heard someone say that you can… you have the power to say sorry to someone you have wronged. You can forgive those who have wronged you as well! You have the power to choose to restore your closest relationships and bring back joy, hope and love in your fellowship.

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

Peace, friends.


By MamaDea

Life can be full of hope and abundance; I am certain we can find it because the life we want and desire: Jesus came to give us life and we can have it abundantly! A little about me: I am a wife, first. Next, I am a mama to five children; my husband and I have four daughters and son! I love to connect and talk about things of God and look for beauty in life.

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