We pumped up the right tire on the stroller and got everyone situated for our walk. All the kids were accounted for and we turned the corner from our drive way when upon adjusting the stroller to make it comfortable, it wasn’t rolling properly. The right tire was flat! My husband asked if I had forgotten about pumping the tire. I retorted, “I pumped it! I pumped all the tires!”

We had a problem! The tire had something lodged and punctured the tube. We turned around, thankfully just in front of our house. We walked back a few feet to our driveway to figure this all out. After removing the tire and the tube, I took a baby wipe to wipe the inside of the tire and found a small yet strong splinter. The culprit! Tiny splinter, skinnier than a toothpick and about a quarter of an inch long! My husband and I took turns to pull the splinter. We thought it was small and we thought just a wiggle and a jiggle. The splinter did not come out! Tough bug! We tried pinching and pulling it out then we tried pushing it out with the screwdriver! I wanted to get my teeth in there! I then found a flat tool and got that under my nail and pulled out the piece of wood.

Photo by T-Selin Erkan on Unsplash

How about you?

Have you had little bits of thoughts, actions, news that poked holes in your spirit? A couple of scrolls here, pop up here, news here and poke poke poke. Puncturing your spirit? Leaving you deflated?

Let’s be on guard. Let’s fill up and nurture our hearts and minds and soul with God’s word rather than the things that end up deflating us.

For me, I’ve noticed a little scrolling through “walls” on Facebook (and other media sources), I’ve seen the ugliness of human hearts and heartaches. After spending that time, I’ll feel sad or frustrated.

Like the little splinter lodged in the tire that deflated the tube little by little, we can certainly see negativity and evil and sin begin to deflate a joyful spirit. Let’s be careful about what gets lodge in our hearts. I’m going to be intentional about what I view and how long; mostly, I want to be with God and in his word, the Bible. Friends, get with God and get real with yourself… praying you’ll be blessed.

Prayer: Lord, I want to be on guard and put on the armor of God (Ephesians 6). I ask for the mind of Christ that I might read your word, receive counsel from the Holy Spirit and walk in a way that is honoring and encouraging. I know at times I will have grief and I will experience heartache. May I go to you, I run to you. You are a refuge and my shelter (Psalm 90 & 91). Please fill me and grow me as you will. Amen.


By MamaDea

Life can be full of hope and abundance; I am certain we can find it because the life we want and desire: Jesus came to give us life and we can have it abundantly! A little about me: I am a wife, first. Next, I am a mama to five children; my husband and I have four daughters and son! I love to connect and talk about things of God and look for beauty in life.

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